Meet the goofhounds of the Bald Mike Comedy Collective

Joey Thompson - Actor / Writer

Joey Thompson is a comedian and character actor whose internet videos have garnered millions of views. Joey refines his original comedy characters at the Groundlings school, and throughout the LA stand-up circuit.

Pedro Correa - Actor / Writer / Producer

Pedro Correa is a classically trained actor who’s been creating his own films for over a decade whilst living in Qatar and Perú. Since moving to LA, he has broken into the world of mainstream commercials, TV, and movies. He also enjoys shredding Venice Beach's gnarly pipeline on his shortboard.

Jake Zulanch - Writer / Producer

Jake Zulanch is a writer/comedian who moved to Los Angeles to pursue making comedy features. Jake has trained at UCB, performed comedy across LA, and has worked for years making comedy with Bald Mike.

Mark Phillips - Director of Photography

Mark Phillips is a sharp shooting DP who shoots for clients like HBO, ESPN, Turner Sports, and many more. His knowledge expands into audio and lighting, making him a multi faceted on-set talent. In the kitchen, he dabbles in his culinary masteries of microwaving pizza.

Fabio Frey - Director / Writer

Fabio Frey is a Swiss born director who attained his comedic roots producing live comedy skit shows in high school. He has gone on to direct commercials, and comedy projects. Fabio's true passion lies in creative storytelling, cinematic visuals, and playing Super Nintendo. 

Nikhil Deshpande - Actor / Writer

Nikhil Deshpande is an improv and sketch trained actor/writer who hails from Wisconsin. Having trained at UCB and The Groundlings, Nikhil can now be found all throughout LA performing improv, sketch and stand-up, writing or making films with Bald Mike Comedy.